One Person-One Action! Are You Up For The Challenge?

One Person-One Action! Are You Up For The Challenge?

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             Who’s your ONE?


I’m sure many of you have heard of and possibly engaged in Random Acts of Kindness.  Maybe you paid for the coffee of someone behind you at the drive through, or raked up the leaves in your neighbour’s yard, or gave a much larger than usual tip to the university student who was your server at the restaurant.  Such acts of kindness have been threads in the tapestry of my life for many years.  I have also been the recipient of others’ acts of kindness and have been blessed as the giver and the receiver!

This week at church, a guest speaker from World Vision shared of how they help support communities around the world.  However, I was really intrigued when he turned the focus of his talk closer to home.  Chris invited us to join a challenge of reaching one person while blessing him/her with one action this week.  Hmm…this got me thinking even more.  The idea of being intentional in choosing one person has been resonating with me the past few days.  A small voice nudged me, “What if you were to take on this challenge each week for the rest of 2015?”  There are 14 weeks left; fourteen people and fourteen acts of kindness.  I think I’m up for the challenge!

To be honest, I have struggled a little bit already.  I am discovering that the intentionality of choosing someone takes time.  And then to decide what to do for that person also takes time.  I’m facing mid-week and I haven’t made a decision yet.  Maybe this is the essence of the challenge…it is easy for me to give spontaneously.  One person, one action is deliberate.  I have found myself getting lost in routine the past couple of days and then all of a sudden remember the challenge realizing I’m no further than I was before.  For me, it is important to pray about someone who may need to be blessed in a certain way.  For others, simply listing names of family, friends, and acquaintances could do the trick.  I appreciate this challenge for several reasons:  it continues to help me look up and beyond myself, it heightens awareness to others around me through prayer and meditation, I think of the possibilities of how such intention by others could positively affect the communities around us, and how it could have a ripple effect throughout the world!

I think it would be amazing if some of you (or all of you) joined me on this challenge!!!  I would love to hear your stories and highlight them in upcoming posts.  There’s so much negativity in the world, let’s be intentional to turn the tide and have positive influence–the outcome could be breathtaking!  Come along the journey…it’s simple–one person, one action!  Let’s do it!!!

***Side note:  as a writer, I reread my posts before publishing.  As I did this practice, I received inspiration of who my One is and what my action is to be…how about you?

Deb Martens

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