A Beautiful World Of Colour


Engaging in a Kaleidoscope Culture


Ready to take the next step?
A 6 month one on one mentorship focused entirely on who you want to BE and what you want to DO will emerge! To find out more about becoming a Dreamweaver, transforming your threads into a colourful tapestry, schedule a 30 minute talk for exploration, discovery, and decision making!
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BE intentional!
A 60 minute introductory coaching session focused on the ONE intentional issue/area you desire breakthrough. This is an intense brainstorming session, establishing goals, and preparing you to take your next steps!
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Do you love community?
Are you jazzed when you work in collaboration?
Do you dream really big dreams?
Do you want to IMPACT your world?
To establish an invigorating, creative space, this cohort is limited to 6-10 high potential, gifted women. We will meet together inspiring each other for maximum impact in our homes, careers, community, and world. Through this cohort, accountability will raise, relationships will be formed, and challenges will be embraced. Trainings will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the cohort.
Don’t delay and join this dynamic group of women.
BE inspired! Membership opens June 1, 2015

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