Epiphany Session


Epiphany Session

An Epiphany session is ideal for you if you feel like you are:

*In Transition:
• You would like to see changes in your career (or start something new)
• You know you need to focus on a specific area of your life
• You desire for your family life to take on a new direction or rhythm
• You are exploring the many possibilities…

• You know you’re ready for change but don’t know what steps to take
• You’ve set goals but don’t seem to follow through
• You feel like you’ve lost yourself
• You’re not getting the results you know are possible

• By the many demands upon your life
• You have good intentions by starting numerous new projects but never seem to finish them because you’re off starting yet another one

• You feel like giving up
• You feel like you’re spinning your tires in the mud
• You’ve been there and done that but can’t seem to make things happen on your own
• You struggle with self-doubt asking yourself questions like, “Who do you think you are to even attempt this?” or “What will they think?”

An Epiphany session will focus on ONE area only! This allows you to be very clear and laser focused.

An Epiphany session can focus specifically on:

• Education (creative options for yourself, you kids, your family)
• Leadership: I am a leader in x, y, z and I desire to go to the next level by honing/focusing my leadership
• Desire to work from home
• I’m a single parent…
• We have a blended family…
• Discover your passions to work toward a better suited career
• What is whole-life learning?
• Explore family as a whole unit
• Changes for physical health
• Self-care (yes you need it and need to schedule it)
• Discover your true, authentic self

How I can help you along your journey:

I am like a prism offering you a light shining through the unknowns. I invite you to explore different perspectives to experience your epiphany. Epiphanies are often drawn from ordinary life, commonplace occurrences, and simplicity.

I can relate with you! I have found myself in transition during several seasons of my life. I have been stuck and uncertain how to move forward. I am often kept awake by intriguing “what ifs?” and dreaming really big dreams! Now I am on the adventure of my lifetime, self-designing my life (with my family, my education, my career, my community, and my world)!!!

You DO NOT have to reinvent yourself. You are UNIQUELY you. You may need to unearth your purpose and calling, dusting off and leaving behind the “shoulds.” Enter into a season of self-exploration and give yourself permission to DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE! I can’t do the work for you but I WILL continue to ask you “what ifs?” and challenge you to put footsteps to your potential, creativity, and talent by embarking on the adventure of YOUR life!

Epiphany Session

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