Creative Education Consulting


Ready to take the next step? Much like a river, education should be allowed to flow throughout daily life. A 6 month one on one mentorship focused on creating flow and wide open spaces for optimal learning. To find out more about this transformative experience, schedule a 30 minute talk for exploration, discovery, and decision making!
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Frustrated with your (meaning your child or yourself) educational journey? A 60 minute introductory coaching session on the ONE intentional issue/area you desire breakthrough.  This is an intense brainstorming session, establishing goals, and preparing you/your child to take the next steps!

Do you enjoy community? Do you desire collaboration with others who want something different than the norm in education? Do you want your/your child’s gifts, talents, and passions to be celebrated? Do you want to IMPACT the world?

Learning circles can be formed in several ways. Join a group of co-learners and engage in rich conversation, dreaming, goal-setting, and discover an adventurous world of education!

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