Deb Martens


deb-2Passionate faith-filled lover of people! Creative Education. Life Coach. Nature girl. Leader. Writer. Speaker. Blogger. BE-er!

Deb was born and raised in southern California, graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead with a sociology degree and lived in northern Idaho for many years. She is now a “transplant” and lives on the prairies in Manitoba, Canada (not too far from Winnipeg). Currently she is working on her master’s degree in Self Design (building learning communities) through Self Design Graduate Institute.

Deb worked numerous years in the fields of mental health and intellectual disabilities. Her preferred positions involved training, education, and leadership development. Her inspirations to work in this career were she chose to be an “overcomer” versus remaining a victim of childhood abuse as well as having a sibling with intellectual disability.

Deb diversified her career upon moving to Manitoba and worked in Public Relations for several years.  She learned that she thoroughly enjoys networking, writing, and speaking to groups. Deb home-schools with her daughter and ascribes to self-designing her education (learner directed, pursuing passions). Their motto is, “the world is our classroom.”

Following this flow of education has recently led the mother/daughter duo to become doulas. Indeed, engaging in this genre of education is engaging, encourages being present, and embraces lifelong learning!

Deb is a visionary who is community and globally minded. She serves as a board member for a not for profit organization who is focused on person-centered support services for individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness.

Their family business, a used car lot, supports numerous local not for profit organizations primarily serving at risk youth. Her family served in Kolkata, India in January 2014 for five weeks. Working in the tutoring centres and boys/girls homes was life transforming for each member. In spring of 2015, the family traveled to Belize City, Belize.  They assisted with home renovations and projects at the local school for two weeks.  These trips have inspired them to become world travellers and ask the question, “Where will the next adventure take us?”

debrandy-1Deb loves her family (husband, two sons, and two daughters) and her life on the prairies. She enjoys the many wonders of nature and paleo/natural cooking. She’s an avid reader and writer. She appreciates the “communities” she’s richly involved in and is blessed when she can hear just one more story from a friend (old or new) over a cup of java.

Deb sees her life as many threads that have been woven into a beautiful tapestry. Tapestries often have “flaws” but add strength and character to the beauty. The threads (such as places she’s lived, passions, talents, people she’s known, sufferings, etc.) have contributed to her desire to come along side high potential, creative individuals and families as they journey and unfold their unique stories.

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